Nagarjuna’s ‘Manam’, which had a limited release, failed to register a big opening despite being raved by fans and critics alike. But surprisingly Manam has managed to collect only INR 2.45 crore share on release day in India. The film released approximately in about 800 screens. If one were to look at the gross collection of Manam, then it is to believed that it collected approximately about INR 4 crore.

It’s surprising because a film featuring actors from three generations of the Akkineni family only managed to collect around INR 2.5 crore. Trade pundits however believe the film is expected to do well because of the positive buzz around it and audiences are watching as much as possible. Let’s see how much does the film manage to collect in its opening weekend. Let’s see if the ANR sentiment does manage to impress viewers or not.

The opening week numbers will prove to be very crucial for the film, which wouldn’t have costed the Akkinenis much money because there’s hardly any cost involved.