Manam directors next in 'mega' camp

There are many actors in ‘mega’ camp and most of them are seen delivering success at their respective levels. An Allu Sirish delivers a success at low end where as a Ram Charan delivers it at the high end. The reason is simple the ‘mega’ camp is always on lookout for new talents and new directors whom they sense are going to make it big sooner or later if they aren’t already.

The latest director on their radar is Vikram K Kumar. The director and the heads at Mega family have had a discussion reportedly long before Manam had released and were only waiting to see the reception of Manam. Now that the film has released and got tremendous acclaim the talks have moved into advance stage with the director. The director is sure to make a movie with Mega camp next, the only real question now is who the actor is going to be? Will it be Ram Charan or Allu Arjun is to be seen. Keep checking this space for exclusive updates on this soon to be a crazy project.