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Manam Concept For NTR Biopic

So, two things are officially confirmed now. The first is Nandamuri Balakrishna producing and acting in NTR biopic and the second is comeback director Teja handing the biopic.

Now that the important thing, the making is confirmed, exciting details are emerging about the dramatic biopic of NTR. It is heard that the NTR biopic will also mark the onscreen debut of Nandamuri Mokshagna, grandson of NTR and son of Balakrishna.

But that is not the interesting aspect. What’s sure to take fans by surprise is Mokshagna playing Balakrishna in his debut? Remember Manam, where Nagarjuna played the father role to Nageswara Rao, and grandson Chaitanya played the father to Nagarjuna, the same concept is said to be used for NTR, only here it is not fictional. There is another talk that Mokshagna might also play the younger NTR. Whatever may be the case, fans are excited big time.


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