samantha-ruth-prabhu-airportFor a while now, there have been several unverified reports regarding Samantha’s health. There have been rumors that she is suffering from a skin condition and that is the reason why she is not posting any new photos on social media or doing any new ad shoots.

When asked about the same, Samantha’s manager turned down the speculations. He stated that Samantha is doing perfectly well and is not suffering from any medical complications.

But he didn’t clarify one particular thing question about Sam and that has become another hot topic now. He skipped the question when asked “if Samantha is doing well now, why is she is visiting USA frequently? It is heard that she is receiving medical treatment in the USA. What do you have to say about it.” He didn’t answer the question.

For now, Sam’s fans are breathing a sigh of relief as her manager confirmed she is doing well and there’s nothing to worry about.