Manager cheated Uday Kiran!As the Police investigation progressed in Uday Kiran’s death case, few more facts are revealing which led to his suicide. Police quizzed Uday Kiran’s wife Vishita and best friend, Sarath. It is revealed that Uday Kiran was cheated by his former manager Munna. Uday trusted Munna very much and when the later turned producer for a small film, Uday gave him surety for a loan of 17 Lakhs at 10 Rupees interest. The movie failed and Munna never repaid the loan. It was Uday Kiran who had to repay the loan despite his own problems.

As offers began to dry down, Uday Kiran fully depended on his wife’s 25000 salary for his living. He is very much disturbed for troubling her by making her work for 10 hours a day for such small sum. And finally all these factors combined prompted him to attempt suicide twice between 2006-2008. He was some how saved then but finally he killed himself few days ago by hanging.

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