Man-Opens-Fire-on-Girl-for-Not-Dancing-at-the-Wedding-EventIt is really unfortunate that such incidents keep happening and we keep watching them or reading them almost every day. A video of a woman being shot by an overexcited man at a wedding event of a Village head in Tikra of a district in Uttar Pradesh has gone viral on the internet giving us another disturbing incident to pity.

We can see the dancing women performing on the stage who took a pause and suddenly a man gets onto the stage and pushes one of them asking not to stop dancing and if they do stop, he would shoot them instantly. By the time those dancers understood what is happening there, the man shot one of them in the face as the poor lady collapsed on stage.

It has been about a week that the incident occurred and the police arrested the men who were involved in the so-called murder attempt. The victim was immediately shifted to the hospital and is luckily out of danger now. All along men like these have the image of a woman as just an object, there can’t be any change in witnessing such incidents to occur every day.