Mallu Blockbuster: No Telugu Star Kid For RemakeHridayam, a feel-good slice of life drama is receiving a positive reception from the Malayalam audience. The film is turning out to be a winner at the box office as well, and now, there are rumors claiming that this film might be remade in Tollywood very soon.

Fundamentally, there are two types of remake projects. While one is the story-oriented aspect, the other is a soul-oriented aspect. Picking a film that has a remake-worthy story is easy and conceptualizing the remake can be regarded as a safe but. But it is tough to take a soul-driven film and remake it in another language.

Various factors like cast, music, visuals and other technical finesse elements are the driving forces behind a soulful film. Recreating the same for a remake is much easier said than done. Hridayam falls under this category.

The Malayalam language film has a fair deal of feel-good moments that are tough to recreate in a remake. More importantly, it has Pranav Mohanlal, the son of Mohanlal in the central role. He is a star kid with zero image. Finding one such star kid in Telugu cinema with zero image is not possible.

So, while Hridayam might make for a good watch, this film can’t be considered as the optimal option for a remake. Previously, we saw 96 remade in Telugu as Jaanu and it bombing at the box office. This shows that soul-driven films aren’t to be experimented around with.