Reignites Hype Machine With A Whole Lot Of Grandeur And Action

Making-of-Chiranjeevi Sye-Raa-Narasimha-Reddy--Team Sye Raa started on an aggressive note initially. The start and the first teaser and other information came periodically raising a curiosity in the movie. However, a delay meant the makers went into a hibernation mode. In due course, it led to anxiousness among the fans, who were getting all sorts of the buzz from unconfirmed sources.

Finally, after all the wait, the time has come to get going for the team of Sye Raa. They have picked the right occasion to start the campaign, the Independence Day, as it’s a patriotic movie. The hype machine has been reignited again.

But, no matter how much one tries to generate hype, the content has to be there that is worth all the effort. On that score, Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy seems to offer plenty. The making video perfectly highlights the visual spectacle and grandeur that can be expected from the big-budgeted movie.

There is a lot of action on display which contains glimpses of violent delights on offer in a Surender Reddy movie. Remember, he is known for his action sequences, and Sye Raa seems to have opened up his creativity in a grand way.

The historical is also promoted as the movie with the greatest ensemble cast in place. We get a glimpse of all of them in their getups. There is a star from each language, making it truly live up to its multilingual claim.

And finally, Megastar Chiranjeevi whose presence and look is the most awaited. There is still a lot of convincing to be done, given the making video too offers only a brief glimpse and that also containing visuals that were seen in the first teaser.

For now, all eyes are on the teaser that will be out on August 20th. If it hits the bull’s eye, the expectations will increase manifolds on the trailer. And if the makers reach them with theatrical, that’s how gargantuan expectation get set on the movie. The team has around fifty days to achieve all these as Sye Raa hits screens worldwide on October 2nd.

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