Makers-Decide-to-Dump-Another-100-Cr-on-2.0-Movie2.0 already stands as a heavy budgeted film in the country and looks like they are not only pushing the release date further but also pushing the budget to a higher extent. The film’s budget has already reached 400 crores and now according to the reports, they are dumping more of a 100 crores into no release date film.

Being Rajini’s film and a sequel of the super hit film Enthiran, the film had huge expectations and Akshay Kumar playing antagonist added to the buzz, the first looks of all the leads, Amy, Rajini, and Akshay have bagged great impressions. Everything was going fine for Shankar as expected, but then there came the CGI and VFX issues which are still moving the budget to the mountains.

Now with all the postponements and the issues, people lost interest in the project and now this news of adding 100 crores and making it a 500 crore budget film has grabbed the attention. Is the fat budget worth the success of the film? After all, the film has increased the expectations along with the budget and it is quite difficult to bring back all of the investment if fail to deliver impressive content. Let us see.