Vakeel Saab Trailer AnnouncementSo, it all builds-up to this for Vakeel Saab. The theatrical trailer of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s comeback film Vakeel Saab will be out on March 29th. We will know the time later.

Vakeel Saab has been an on and off deal for the fans so far. It all started well with the thematic ‘Maguva’ song. It is a winner. However, pandemic put an end to the promotions back then. When things resumed a year later, the makers haven’t set the ball rolling exactly with the music. They single out are decent, but not chartbuster variety to propel the hype further.

It became evident to everyone that only the theatrical trailer will get things going forward for Vakeel Saab. It is here we will finally know what the actual content is about. Have the makers of the Telugu version gone for a complete revamp, or is it still a minor change like the Tamil remake of original Pink will be known then.

Over the past few days, director Venu Sriram is all over the media for his handling of the Pink remake featuring a star like Pawan Kalyan. The theatrical trailer will give us a glimpse of reality.

Vakeel Saab is the comeback of Pawan Kalyan after a hiatus and the first ‘big’ hero release of 2021. The response to the trailer will be a pre-curser to how things take shape upon its release. The Dil Raju production will hit the cinemas all over on April 9th.