One of the trends in Tollywood is to make small movies with non-popular cast inspired by other super hit movies that rocked the box office and cast an eager family member or close friend for popularity. ‘Iddarabbayilatho’ is a great example of this trend and is inspired by the Allu Arjun starrer ‘Iddaramayilatho’ and is a low-budget film. Another example includes ‘Ringa Ringa’ which also inspired due to the popularity of a chartbuster Tollywood song and the film starred minor actors like Bindu and comedian Suman Shetty. There is a long list of films that come under the same category and more than hundred movies like that are shot in Tollywood per year but only 5% of them get to see the light of the day.

Estimated loss of money over these films is around 100 crores and the sole reason is because a lot people wish to be a part of the cinemas desperately and are crazy about films and hence lots of films are made but not released.