Virata_Parvam_Ticket_PricesWorking out the optimal ticket prices has become the matter of pinnacle interest for Telugu cinema. Recently, Major and Vikram released with Rs 200 at plexes and Rs 150 at single screens in Telangana.

In Andhra Pradesh, the prices were Rs 177 at plexes and Rs 112 at single screens. These prices worked very well for both these films as they generated impressive revenue.

Now, the same pricing model is being implemented for Virata Parvam. The film will have Rs 200 and Rs 150 at plexes and single screens in Telangana. As for Andhra Pradesh, the prices will be Rs 177 at plexes and Rs 112 at single screens.

While these prices worked very well for Major and Vikram, which garnered encouraging response from the audience, it remains to be seen if Virata Parvam can also make the most of the same. The word of mouth will obviously be the deciding factor here.

Satya Dev’s Godse, which is also releasing on the same day as Virata Parvam – 17th June will also have the same pricing model.