Naga Chaitanya - Samantha Akkineni - Majili -Prime VideoIt has been only a month since Naga Chaitanya and Samantha starrer ‘Majili‘ came to the theatres on 5th April. But, Amazon Prime announced that they would be streaming the movie from 10th May, that means way earlier than the stipulated 8 weeks gap between the release and streaming on Amazon.

If this confusion isn’t enough, all of a sudden ‘Majili’ was streamed on Amazon Prime for only the US audiences on 5th May. That was really odd as they announced it would be coming on 10th May. They removed the movie even from the US after a couple of days leading to more confusion.

Primarily, Amazon Prime forgot the rule that there must be an 8-week gap after the release. Now, they have announced a date, got the movie streamed earlier than the announced date and then, took down the movie after a couple of days. What about streaming the movie in India? Are they going to adhere to the 8-week gap rule?

Looks like, Prime is confused big time. Maybe, there is a lot of pressure on Prime as good quality HD prints of newly released movies are available on torrents sites for download. Hmm!