Yes, one must agree that Mahesh Babu’s latest release ‘Aagadu’ didn’t have a refreshing story. Director Srinu Vaitla didn’t try anything new. He gave the impression that he is too repetitive and that too repeating his own films. He got lengthy dialogues written and made Mahesh to mouth them with such a fast pace that those dialogues sometimes seemed unintelligible.

Moreover Vaitla got used to over using his comedians and did the same with Aagadu even. Despite all these short comings Aagadu is stopping nowhere and creating records and taking the box-office collections by storm. The one and only thing that has saved ‘Aagadu’ is Mahesh Babu’s superstar power. One Mahesh lifted the whole movie on his shoulders and all the shortcomings are disguised in the common audiences eyes because of Prince’s charishma.

Most of the online reviews have given mixed opinions on the movie, and many stories had been written thrashing Srinu Vaitla for misusing and in fact underusing the wonderful performer in Mahesh Babu and just limiting him to mouthing lengthy dialogues and creating an impression of verbal diarrohea of sorts. Nevertheless Mahesh’s stamina has saved Vaitla this time. Be it overseas or the desi market, the humoungous figures that are being recorded will go only into the account of our superstar’s box-office stamina.

Collections wise Mahesh Babu’s star power already overcame the negative effect of the reviews to a large extent. But it is in poor taste of the film makers who try to keep the hero’s stamina for acid test again and again without giving them something really challenging and sensible which caters to the tastes of the common audience. Even superstars need to think before going for such routine pot boilers. Audience have certain confidence in them. In case of Mahesh Babu, they expect a full too different mass entertainer but an intelligent one.