Mahesh's presence makes lot of difference

Mahesh Babu on Wednesday attended the audio launch of upcoming Telugu romantic-drama “Hrudayam Ekkadunnadi”, and its director Anand said that his presence, short or long, makes a lot of difference. He added that Mahesh brought hundreds of his fans to the audio launch, which in a way helped the film gain lot of attention.

He said that Mahesh was too kind to oblige his request and be present at the audio launch. Apparently, Maadhav, who plays the lead in the film. worked as assistant director on films such as Dookudu and Khaleja, and its based on that relationship, he had invited Mahesh, who was happy to be present. Anand added that Maadhav insisted that they invite Mahesh for the audio launch.

Mahesh, who spoke briefly, said that he knew Maadhav through his sister and that he had his own apprehensions about him in the industry, but he said that he worked his way up the ladder and deserves where he is today.