For reasons unknown, the second teaser of Mahesh Babu’s “1: Nenokkadine” has been removed from YouTube. If the video is opened, then a sign that reads this video has been removed due to copyrights issue is displayed. One wonders why has it been blocked.

The film’s both teasers received lot of appreciation from the audiences, but the blocking of the second teaser comes as a shocker. We are aware about when producer Anil Sunkara tried to portray this teaser views as a record on his social page some of other hero fans started questioning it and Anil shot back some reasons as well. Did the makers of the film do something that they were not supposed to do such as paying people to click on their YouTube teaser for views count?

Most film trailers are now in competition with respect to earning most views and clicks, and for the same, some production houses are paying people to click and view the video for no reason. This could be one of the reasons why the video could have been blocked or this could be just an error from Youtube and hope they will put it back!