Mahesh won't strip in 1: Nenokkadine

Mahesh has been working extremely hard with a foreign trainer for his upcoming film 1: Nenokkadine. Since he was working extremely hard for a perfect body, people were under the assumption that he is likely to flaunt his chiseled body screen. Mahesh has never taken off his shirt in any of his films and that makes him probably one of the top heroes to have not stripped on screen.

Although Sukumar tried to convince him to flaunt his six pack abs, Mahesh was hesitant and immediately denied his request. A close source to Mahesh said that the actor is very shy to flaunt his body of in front of everyone. But his fans have been extremely curious to get a glimpse of his six packs abs that he has been working on developing with great care and dedication.

Who knows Mahesh can surprise all his fans by giving us a peek of his Greek god like body. After all, he is working with Kris Gethin, the trainer who is responsible for the current body of Hrithik Roshan. Therefore, we can at least expect half of that in Mahesh.