You aren’t the one what you seem to be, but someone else. Your identity will be revealed only at the right time when the audience expect it least coming. These kind of bangs literally thrill the audience because unexpected always has an aura of suspense and attraction attached to it. According to the latest story doing rounds, both Mahesh and Tamanna have reversal of roles in their upcoming release ‘Aagadu’.

Mahesh Babu would be introduced as a cop and later it gets revealed that he isn’t a cop but has exchanged places with his bosom friend, who is actually a cop. The same way a Tamanna would be introduced as a petty sweet shop owner but later turns out to be a real time cop. Whether these are only predictions or somebody is really leaking story bits by bits, one never knows till the film actually hits theatres. Remember? During the initial stages of the film’s shooting, the same news that Tamanna is going to play cop did rounds in media circles.