Mahesh-Babu-Bharat-Ane-Nenu-InterviewFor the first time, Mahesh Babu has played the role of a CM and it’s natural that the media persons present at his press-meet asked him who according to him is the best CM. Immediately, Mahesh Babu said, “No controversies, Sir!” He added, “After so much tension, do I need to add more?”

The superstar talked about his preparation for the CM role. He watched several videos of his brother-in-law Jay Galla for the reference to play the CM. Responding to another question about choosing 20th April which happens to be Chandra Babu Naidu’s birthday, Mahesh Babu gave an undiplomatic reply.

He responded positively and said, “It’s good. That means, our film is releasing on the correct date.” The actual reason for choosing this date was revealed by Mahesh Babu at the pre-release event. 20th April happens to be Mahesh Babu mother’s birthday. One must learn to be genuine and to the point from Mahesh, for sure who didn’t give a diplomatic answer when asked about the release date.