Mahesh Push Missing for 'Hero'Hero marks the debut of Mahesh Babu’s nephew, Ashok Galla in films. The film was released as Sankranthi special and opened to some mixed reviews. The makers did not have much time to promote the film as big releases moved out suddenly from the Sankranthi race and this gave no time for the makers of Hero.

Upon this, the big support which was required from Mahesh was completely missing for the film. Mahesh had tested positive for the event and also his brother passed away. This kept him away from the promotions and this was a big drawback when it came to hype. Imagine what kind of Hungama the film would have created if Mahesh would have been present.

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Also, one big Tirupathi event was planned and that too got canceled at the last minute. All that Mahesh could do was to tweet and make a small video which did not make any difference to the openings which are dull.

On the other hand, Ram Charan supported the other film Rowdy Boys but skipped the Hero event at the last minute. So, the required start support was missing for this film. But the fans and normal audience have welcomed Ashok Galla and gave pass marks to his performance.

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As it is the festive season, the film saw some occupancy today and will be good tomorrow. From Monday, Hero’s real test will test and we need to see how this film on its own without any star support.