Even if one is too fond of sweets and gets to eat loads of sweets regularly, after sometime its very natural that the person will develop aversion to sweets. The same equation is applicable to punch lines even. Since a couple of years, most of the top Tollywood writers have been penning catchy punch lines especially for top heroes. Though these punches are written just for rhyming or entertaining audience, they are wrongly interpreted and used for kindling star wars between big heroes.

After Mahesh Babu’s ‘Aagadu’ teasers, writers may think twice to pen any punch lines. Though Mahesh’s teasers were replete with punches, there he targetted his punches on punch lines. This invariably shows how averse are people getting towards punches. The first one to follow Mahesh’s implicit advice seems to be Naga Chaitanya. The director of his upcoming movie ‘Oka Laila Kosam’ revealed that Chaitu insisted on not having any punch lines in his movie. Hmmm….what a sensible thought! Atleast now cine lovers will get respite from the torture of these punch lines!