Rajinikanth, Mahesh babu, Pawan kalyan, superstar, twitter, kabali, Robo 2.0, Super Star, Twitter Followers, 3 million followers, Kollywood Superstar Rajinikanth’s stardom has no certain definitions as his charishma manages to surprise us every now and then. Recently, he surprised us with the huge youth following regarding ‘Kabali’s audio and now one more surprise is in store for us.

Rajinikanth’s Twitter account crossed 3 million mark, while Mahesh is at 2.2 million mark and Pawan Kalyan at only 900k. Rana also has a decent following of 1.8 million. Mahesh and Rana are mostly active on Twitter and Pawan makes occasional appearances. But Rajinikanth is absent since long.

In fact, he is very inactive on Twitter. To be on point, from 2013 onwards the superstar posted only 29 tweets. But his Twitter following has crossed the stars who are active. Now, it’s time for people to wonder what would be his following if he is active on Twitter posting updates.