mahesh-kathi-participates in Andhra Pradesh bandhSri Reddy, Madhavi Latha, Apoorva and several other small-time actors have been lambasting the Telugu Film Industry for exploiting women, sexually. Mahesh Kathi has been actively participating in the debates discussing casting couch in the film industry.

In this scenario, a lady surfaced on one of the channels alleging that Mahesh Kathi had literally forced on her and then gave her Rs. 500 and sent her away when she came to him for the sake of offers. She had been his Facebook friend and met him personally after he was eliminated from the ‘Big Boss Show’.

Those were the times when Mahesh Kathi was having several field days criticizing Pawan Kalyan and he switched off his phone but gave his address to her on Facebook. She said that she even tried to go legal but they take the complaint said the junior artist who questioned Mahesh Kathi when he was live on a television channel.