Superstar Mahesh Babu ofcourse is considered the most handsome hero in the South Film Industry. He is one hero who has maximum number of female fans amongst the present top heroes besides Prabhas. Besides his hansomeness, one more unique thing which usually gets noticed about Mahesh Babu is the different kinds of lip lock scenes he did for his movies. In fact, begining from ‘Naani’, most of Mahesh’s films have lip lock scenes.

What is unique about his lip lock scenes is that one scene is never the same as the other. Once it is a passionate french kiss and next it is an awesome breezy kiss or a butterfly kiss and sometimes just a peck. Barring a couple of movies in the recent times, almost all his movies have lip lock scenes. He indeed can be called a lip lock specialist even. As his next film ‘Aagadu’ is nearing completion and there is no news of any lip locking scene with his heroine, his fans are seriously worried if their star has given up doing such scenes. Lolz.