Mahesh Fans Asking Puri to Delete This First!Vijay Devarakonda has not had a release from the last three years or so. His new film Liger will also be released in August and there is so much time for it. Impressed by Vijay’s performance in Liger, Puri has decided to make one more film with him.

The above said film is none other than Jana Gana Mana which Puri was supposed to make with Mahesh Babu a few years back. But for some reason, the film never took off. Not only that but the film also created some differences between Mahesh and Puri as well.

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Now that Puri is making the same film with Vijay, fans are a bit upset. Going back in time, in the year 2016, Puri even tweeted about the film with a poster featuring Mahesh Babu in the backdrop of a flag.

Now, fans have brought the old tweet out and are asking Puri to delete it first.

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As old wounds like these are still haunting Puri, we need to see if he will deliver a super hit and prove Mahesh wrong. For now, he is busy with the launch of the film which will be launched today in a big way in Mumbai.