Mahesh new look

Director Sukumar is well known for his easygoing and casual outlook on life. Even with a bumpy career ride, full of hits like ‘Aarya’ and a flop like ‘Jagadam,’ Sukumar is known for handling himself well and not losing his calm.

But looks like Sukumar is losing his grip on his calm self a little. Even with the success of his latest film ‘100% Love,’ Sukumar is all aflutter with nerves about an upcoming film where he gets to direct a star like Mahesh Babu. Although Sukumar made his directorial debut with ‘Aarya’ with Allu Arjun and has worked alongside actors like Ram and Nag Chaitanya, this is on a completely different scale.

Director Sukumar has managed to bag this great opportunity and if rumours are to be believed, taking great pains to perform like a perfectionist.