Mahesh-Babu-HaridwarMahesh Babu was in Haridwar to immerse the ashes of his mother Indira Devi, who passed away recently due to age-related problems.

Mahesh Babu was very close to his mother and he recently lost his elder brother Ramesh. So the family has been in mourning and now comes the great loss.

In a recent decision taken following rebel star Krishnam Raju’s death, the media will not be allowed at burial grounds, when it involves celebrities. While celebrities and their families are used to public glare, there are certain occasions when they crave privacy.

In the past, there were many occasions when celebs were caught weeping on camera which make for an embarrassing watch for the stars later. Surely, death is no public spectacle, more so when some sick-minded people choose to make unnecessary comments on social media just to look cool.

As per our sources Mahesh Babu wept inconsolably while cremating his mother last week, but those moments weren’t captured on camera due to the new rules.

Of course, fans would want to be with their stars during their sad phase, the stars on their part deserve some privacy at times of grief. So this is a welcome rule.