Mahesh-Babu's-Wife-Welcomes-Another-Baby-Into-FamilySaving little hearts by extending financial aid and arranging for Andhra Hospitals doctors performing the heart surgeries has become a regular thing for superstar Mahesh Babu who saved more than a thousand little hearts, till date.

Little kid Shaik Rihan is the kid who underwent surgery and has been in a stable condition. Obviously, it was Mahesh Babu wh helped for the little kid’s heart surgery. Namrata shared a social media post welcoming the child into their extended family and thanking the doctors for their support.

This is incredible work and no matter what, Mahesh is continuing this noble work of saving little hearts. The superstar’s fans are super proud of him for these benevolent gestures and they are also thankful to Namrata who keeps sharing Mahesh Babu’s noble work.

Look at the little kid and the happiness on the mother’s face. Their smiles are invaluable as a child’s life. Hope, the little boy gets well soon and spreads his smiles to his parents and family.