Mahesh Babu's Satire On BalakrishnaThe promo of the much anticipated season finale episode of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Unstoppable is out now and it ticks all the right boxes. Mahesh Babu is the special guest and he appears to be sharing great camaraderie with Balakrishna.

Balakrishna’s trademark hosting and Mahesh Babu‘s comedy timing are highlighted in the promo. Mahesh even goes on to throw a satire on Balakrishna.

“When I was shooting for one particular scene in Bharat Ane Nenu, there was this one woman who was looking at her phone while I was filming a scene. Even before the director said ‘cut’, I went to her and asked her not to use the phone. Ha you(Balakrishna) been in that place, you would have thrown the mic down.” Mahesh said.

Balakrishna then goes on to bring a family with a small kid onto the stage. This kid underwent heart surgery that was funded by Mahesh Babu. This sequence adds an emotional touch to the promo.

If this promo is anything to go by, this particular episode of Unstoppable has a lot to offer. This could well end the season on a high. This episode will premiere on 4th February.