Mahesh-Babu’s-Connection-With-Charan’s-Next-Raises-CuriosityHe is a director who has debuted more than a decade ago and yet not tasted an outright failure. Ideally, fans should be dying to see their favourite hero do movies with him, but it is the opposite. He is the last preferred choice of fans cutting across the stars.

We are talking about director Vamshi Paidipally. The reason for fans feeling that way is the products from the director which leave an unsatisfying feeling as a whole. The main reason for it is the stories, which is always unoriginal and a mix of many hit or blockbuster flicks.

It is the reason why despite a success like Maharshi, neither Mahesh Babu fans nor others want their favourite star movie to be with him. Still, he is one of the top directors and has a spotless commercial record. He is bound to get a biggie even if it takes time. It looks like he has got the nod of one star, finally.

The buzz in the industry is that Charan has agreed to Vamshi Paidipally’s next. It is reportedly the same subject that is rejected by Mahesh Babu. However, the twist in the tale here is that he is likely to co-produce the movie starring Charan. Nothing is official yet, but that is what one hears, currently.

Ram Charan is busy with RRR as of now, and Mahesh Babu has Sarkaaru Vari Paata next. As producers, the former has Acharya whereas the latter has Major.

If a film in the combination of Charan and Vamshi Paidipally happens under Mahesh Babu’s production, it will be a major attraction simply out of the curiosity of these people coming together.