Mahesh Babu Was Not Aware of My Debts -Sudheer BabuSudheer Babu is hero plus the producer reveals how Mahesh Babu not used to think Sudheer can pull it off in the film industry.

Sudheer and Mahesh Babu share a family relation and just like the other family members of Sudheer did, even Mahesh didn’t think it was a good idea for him to come into the cinema. “When I was coming into the films, no one believed that I can survive or make a mark, even Mahesh didn’t,” said the Nannu Dochukunduvate actor.

Speaking of his production experience, Sudheer revealed how the film SMS pushed him into debts where he lost a lot of money and it took 5 years for him to pay back the money which Mahesh was not aware. As Sudheer says Mahesh knew that he lost some money with SMS but was not aware of the critical debts that he had then. Anyway, now it looks all fine for Sudheer Babu and hope it continues to be the same.