Pawan Kalyan fans are extremely delighted with the much awaited success of Gabbar Singh. Theaters all over the world are being flocked with frenzy fans who are going mad. Interestingly, NRIs living in abroad are no different. About 90 theaters in USA which screened the premieres of the movie witnessed never before crowd. More than 1 Crore was earned only from the premieres. Rentrak  (a global media measurement and research company )which tracks the box office results in US had reported 250k$ collection on day 1. This number will be bigger as Rentrak do not cover several other theaters in US.

So far, Mahesh Babu is the undisputed king in Overseas in Telugu movies. His Dookudu went on to collect 10 crores in its full run. And now, Early trends suggest Pawan Kalyan will shatter all these records as all the websites had given good rating for the movie. Lets see if the makers make this possible with efficient online piracy control.