Mahesh Babu Rejected Pushpa - Good Or Bad?Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s Pushpa is currently in theaters. While the film’s commercial result is yet to be known, there is an unanimous applause for Allu Arjun’s performance in the film. Meanwhile, many believe that Pushpa story was first pitched to Mahesh Babu.

After traveling for some time, they parted ways citing Creative differences. Now after the release of Pushpa, there have been mixed reactions if that is a good decision by Mahesh Babu or not. The majority believe that the Superstar will not be suitable for such a raw character.

Mahesh never acted in such a raw and intense character. That’s for sure. But then, some people feel Mahesh should have tried. They feel there will be a first for every thing and Pushpa should have been tried. “Even if it fails, it would not be a bigger failure than Spyder or Brahmotsavam,” they lament.

“If he tried and if that clicked, it would have added new dimension to his acting and career. But he shied away. It is a big mistake for sure,” they add. Stars like Mahesh Babu rarely do come out of their comfort zone. That’s the problem.