mahesh-babu-rejected-fida-movie-sekhar-kammulaShekhar Kammula is one director who is known as a class filmmaker. All his previous films are considered as cult classics. But of late, he is keeping quite a low profile as some of his previous films bombed at the box office.

When asked about the same thing Shekhar said that his new film ‘Fida‘ will wipe out all these bad talks and bring him back on top. Adding further, he said that he is super confident with the way his film is shaping up and also revealed that Mahesh Babu was initially supposed to do the film.

As the project was kept getting delayed many a time, Mahesh himself asked him to do it with others and hence this was how Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi came into the picture said Kammula. Shekhar also opinionated that ‘Fida‘ would have been a superb film if Mahesh would have done it.

But all said and done it is Varun Tej who has bagged the jackpot and will win all the applause in the future when the film releases if Kammula’s belief turns reality.