Mahesh-Babu-Phone-CallsMahesh Babu has been going through a lot this year with the passing of his brother Ramesh earlier this year, his mother Indira Devi a couple of months back, and now his father Superstar Krishna. It is understood that Mahesh is having to take a lot of mental trauma.

Now, Adivi Sesh, who collaborated with Mahesh(Producer) for Major commented about the latter’s current situation.

“What Mahesh sir is going through is unexplainable. No one should be put through so much pain. I wish him all the strength in the world.” Sesh said. When asked if he met or spoke with Mahesh, Sesh came up with an interesting response.

“Mahesh sir is not talking to anyone. I am only in touch with Namrata garu. He isn’t taking phone calls” Sesh stated.

It can be understood that Mahesh is dealing with the pain on his own and isn’t accessible to anyone else but Namrata.