Mahesh Babu Mastered The Art Of Keeping Them SeparateThere are at times stars revere some directors but then they do not get to work them in their prime. Sometimes they agree to do a film with such stars after they passed their prime and deliver disasters.

Such disasters happen because the stars can not say No because of the respect they have for those directors. But then, Mahesh Babu seems to be not having that problem. The other day, the Superstar has wished director Shankar on his Birthday.

If we remember, Mahesh Babu always makes it a point to wish for Maniratnam as well on his Birthday. The Superstar has high regards for Maniratnam and Shankar for the work they did in their prime. He was approached by both the directors with many script after they passed their prime.

But then, Mahesh Babu did not budge. He always maintained that the respect he has for them and working with them are two different things.