Mahesh-Babu-Launches-True-Youth-Chartbuster-RanguladdhukunnaAs promised superstar Mahesh Babu launched the lyrical video of ‘Ranguladdhukunna‘ song of mega hero Panja Vaisshnav Tej’s debut movie ‘Uppena’. The song turns out to be an instant winner because of the soothing melody with every word clearly articulated.

DSP has truly delivered a melody that’s going to play on loop for the youngsters and also audiences who like melodies. Devoid of all those noisy instruments dominating the singers’ voice, the song comes as a refreshing one in recent times.

The lyrics by Sreemani portray a beautiful love story and the adorable lovers who embark on sweet dreams which they want to turn colorful. Both the hero and the heroine aka Vaishnav Tej and Kritji Shetty are looking too cute and their chemistry is soulful.

Looks like this song is going to add beauty to the love story in ‘Uppena’ and the making glimpses of the song video will be a visual treat with beach side beauty captured subtly.

This movie is being helmed by Buchi Babu Sana. By the way, it’s a nice gesture to see the Ghattamaneni superstar launching a debut mega hero’s song. Youngsters are going to hum this song for the days to come. Just see.