Elders in our houses say that good fortunes always follow Bad times. It our duty to stand brave during the tough times. Mahesh Babu had faced similar hardships after delivering an industry hit in the form of Pokiri. Flops followed the success and the time during the making of Khaleja are even tougher. He had suffered few personal hardships during the period and it took toil on his career. Khaleja took more than 3 years to complete and the movie had failed to rake in good numbers.

Exactly, when everyone wrote him off as a hero, he bounced back strongly with Dookudu. The movie became the second biggest grosser in the history of Tollywood. Then came Business Man which was also a huge hit and found a place in the Top5 Biggest grossers. With all this success, his popularity grew multiple bounds. He is now a brand with many corporates are ready to shell out crores to get him associated with their brands.

And now in the personal life too, Mahesh’s juggernaut continues. His wife Namrata gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday. The timing of the girl’s birth is also special. She was born on the first Friday of Sravana masam, which is considered as auspicious among Hindus. Generally, girl born on the Friday of Sravana masam is considered to be a lucky omen for the family.

M9.news joins its readers wishing Mahesh and his family. We wish them more success and prosperity in their personal and professional lives.