Mahesh Babu - Sudheer BabuSudheer Babu is going to try his luck at the box office with Sridevi Soda Center which releases tomorrow. Directed by Palasa fame Karuna Kumar, the actor plays an electrician in the film which is centered in East Godavari district.

Sridevi Soda Center is not a raw film like Palasa but it is a realistic portrayal. There is a love story, village politics, caste issues, action, and a lot of emotions. It is a package for the audience and we are quite confident of its success. We captured the normal fishermen families in the East Godavari which are never seen in films until now,” Sudheer Babu said in chit-chat with

“This is a very physically challenging film. I had to maintain the physique right from start to end since the first schedule has become the last due to some challenges. I also had to be on a strict diet. I even got injured once. I used to shoot until 9 PM every day and come back to do gym near the hotel for two hours,” he reveals the hard work that went into the film.

“I have been trying to reinvent myself with different stories. The idea is to offer variety to the audience without getting into something called ‘image’. I have Krishna garu and Mahesh in the family but I need to still stay grounded and can not get carried away. But I still observe Mahesh’s film as a case study,” the actor reveals.