Mahesh-BabuWhenever there is a big movie announced for the making, rumors rush in on the film with the baseless news. Mahesh Babu faced several issues with regards to the fakes news on his films, especially during his recent releases.

Spyder on social media suffered fake and negative news spread vividly and there was no proper team to handle the mess. To put an end to the unwanted trouble, Mahesh Babu came up with an idea and now that’s being taken care the best for the BAN this time. The hero stepped up on the social media himself and created an official handle “Team Mahesh Babu” to be a barrier between him and the followers.

Team Mahesh Babu is doing the best job in filtering the rumors and taking the intact information from Mahesh to the people and feedback from people to the star. The updates of the BAN are reaching as it is to the people avoiding the fake news and rumors spreading out.