Mahesh-Babu-Guest-Role-in-NTR-Biopic-Sri-Reddy-Leaks!Sri Reddy is no new to anyone on the internet. The actress finally achieved what she wanted, good role in good film. Not one, she got to do two good roles in director Teja’s film.

Now that she got that golden chance (if we may call it), she may have actually leaked an unknown update of Mahesh Babu’s next. On a live chat on the social media, the actress revealed a shocking update of the Mahesh Babu saying Teja told her that Mahesh is going to do a guest role in NTR biopic.

We do not know if this is true, but it is a surprise to hear that Mahesh is doing a cameo, that too in NTR biopic, which will be politically hot movie. There has been this rumor of Balayya and Mahesh doing a film for a long time, and looks like the rumor has finally got time to turn reality. Let us see. If this is true there going to be a grand announcement of the same by Teja and Balayya. Lets wait for it.