Once-Again,-Mahesh-Babu-Turns-Super-Hero-Saving-a-Tiny-HeartThe fans of Superstar Mahesh Babu promised to set the Twitter ablaze for their favourite star’s birthday, and they are doing just that. The trending on social media site Twitter has already commenced with a record-breaking start.

The Superstar Mahesh Babu fans on a rampage mode have already crossed 5 million tweets in a record. Each ‘million’ has been achieved in the fastest period starting from the first. And it is just a warm-up, as according to fans.

Once the official updates and wishes start pouring in, there would be newfound enthusiasm among the fans. The vigour would only increase. The target, as we have reported previously, to create a Guinness World Record. The Mahesh Babu fans already hold the Indian record with Birthday CDP (over 30 million tweets).

Actually, a musical from Mahesh Babu’s upcoming Sarkaru Vaari Paata was supposed to out before midnight. But, it looks like that won’t happen from music director, S Thaman’s tweet. He categorically said wait for the update on official Mythri Movie Makers handle ‘tomorrow’.

Whatever be the case, fans don’t seem to be much worried anyways. They have chalked out a plan and making progress as par it. Let’s wait and see where this rampage ends tomorrow and if the ‘fans’ achieve the desired targets or not.