Mahesh babu Dookudu fan showsThese days, we have seen fans arranging special shows of hit films of their favorite stars and relishing the past memories once again on the big screen. We have heard it happening for one place or two in both the Telugu states until now. Mahesh Babu fans are taking the Hungama to next level.

The Superstar’s Dookudu is finishing a decade of its release tomorrow. Fans have planned more than twenty special shows of the film across the districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This is the highest number of special shows for any hit film post its release.

We have three in Nizam (two in Hyderabad), six in Ceeded, two in Uttarandhra, two in East, three in West, one in Krishna, and two in Nellore. A special show is also happening in Bengaluru. In some centers, the Hungama for tickets and decoration is resembling a new movie.

Fans are gearing up to enjoy in the theaters just like how they do for a new film. All this Hungama is mostly organized by fans with minimal assistance for the makers and the star. The Hungama in the offline and online fans is also touching the roofs. The fans have been trending the hashtag #DookuduSpecialShows on Twitter.