Mahesh Fans Overthinking About Rajamouli's ChoiceDeepika Padukone has just been named to be among the top 10 beauties in the world. But that does not seem to entice Mahesh Babu fans. It is known that Mahesh Babu and SS Rajamouli are collaborating for SSMB29, a globetrotting action adventure.

According to the reports, the film will be a jungle adventure set in the forests of Africa. While all is well between Mahesh and Rajamouli, now Mahesh’s fans are creating an unnecessary issue about the choice of the heroine in the film.

If reports are to be believed, then Deepika Padukone is in talks for the coveted heroine’s role in the film as she looks and fits the part perfectly. But Mahesh Babu fans, on social media, are tagging Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu and asking them not to cast Deepika as the heroine. They are saying that she is outdated and her popularity has faded out.

Some are asking the makers to cast a fresh face instead of Deepika as she is already doing Project K with Prabhas and there will be no freshness to see her as the heroine again in a big-budget Telugu film. Some are against her casting as she is from Bollywood and there is an anti-Bollywood wave going on right now.

But Mahesh fans must realize that in a SS Rajamouli film you can’t have a new heroine. She must have that aura of a superstar to be cast in a Rajamouli film and there can’t be a better choice than Deepika.

Even in RRR, Alia’s presence proved to be a plus point despite her role being short. She did extremely well in that small yet powerful role of Sita.

We have seen in the recent past what happened when amateur heroines were cast opposite Mahesh Babu. Deepika suits the age, height, and charisma of Mahesh and we have no doubts that she will prove one of the biggest USPs of SSMB29.

So Superstar fans need to take a chill pill and trust in Rajamouli!

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