SSMB28_Mahesh_Babu_ThamanMahesh Babu’s fans have been furious with Thaman ever since the release of Sarkaru Vaaru Paata. They felt cheated by him, saying he hyped up the album so much, only to deliver one chartbuster – Kalaavathi and a dull set of other songs, that too while he was at the peak of his prowess. They are also furious with him over the poor BGM.

Now all of a sudden, Mahesh’s fans have started a social media riot. They are tweeting the hashtag #RemoveThamanFromSSMB28 and asking the makers to remove Thaman from the crew.

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There are so many tweets on this tag that it has become a trending tag on Twitter with thousands of tweets on the same. It is evident that a section of Mahesh’s fans on social media is desperate to get Thaman out of SSMB28. They are even tagging the producer of the film, Naga Vamsi in the tweets.

Thaman has now shared in the context of the Twitter trend as he wrote “Rest In Peace Dear #Negativity !! To all the kids out there”. He even shared a menacing video on the same.

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All in all, SVP is being seen as a very poor film for Mahesh and fans are urging Mahesh not to ever work with the director, Parasuram, or the music director Thaman ever again.