Mahesh Babu's Family Tight ObligationsLike mega family, even Mahesh Babu’s family seems to be growing in the Telugu Film Industry. So, it has become a kind of obligation for Mahesh Babu to promote his family members whenever there is a new movie in the making.

Recently he shared the trailer of senior actor Naresh and tweeted wishes for his nephew Ashok Galla on his debut. The superstar commands a huge following on social media platforms, and he seems to be obliged to do the promotions for his family members.

Sudheer Babu, senior actor Naresh and his son Nawin Krishna of ‘Nandini Nursing Home’ and now, Jaydev Galls’ son, Ashok Galla making his debut into films. He has been promoting not only the young actors but also senior actor Naresh’s movies.

Looks like, he is all up for the family and doing his best promoting the teasers and trailers of the movies featuring his family. Can’t deny that he is a family man though he is a superstar for masses.