Mahesh babu RocksMaking fun of oneself and shaming oneself is a comic genre that is gaining popularity among the small-screen audiences, gradually. One such show in Tamil is ‘Acadummy Awards 2017-18’. The guys who hosted the show trolled Mahesh Babu quite heavily in an abashed manner. The guys said things that can’t be taken as unbiased trolling.

They took the expressions of Mahesh Babu from ‘Spyder’ and said that he was a ‘rocking’ star for his rock expressions. The Tamil guys forgot that ‘Spyder’ was directed by Tamil director Murugadoss. It was he who is to be blamed for ‘Spyder’ and the Tamil fans abuse is crossing the limits for sure. Can they do the same for Vijay Ilayapathy and survive in the industry? Remember, Vijay’s ‘Bhairavaa’ was a disaster and his facial expressions became the favourite of trolls across the country. But, the Tamil guys on television shows or elsewhere didn’t dare to troll him.

Though the fan wars in Tollywood are bad, when it comes to Kollywood the fights are worst between Vijay and Ajith fans. The Tamil guy in the show made an insensible comparison taking the examples of Mahesh Babu’s film titles ‘Okkadu, ‘Sainikudu’ etc. and making fun that the end syllable of these films ‘kudu’ means ‘give’, when Mahesh directors are asking him ‘kudu’, he is not giving expressions. Too ugly and too biased! Can the Tamil guys dare to do this to their Vijay, as well?