Filmmakers and cast of the movie doing promotional rounds for their latest releases are pretty common in Telugu cinema. It is being done from ages and will continue to be so in future as well. Part of these promotions is live interactions with audience as well. All these activities are fine when the film in question has good word of mouth but if that is not the case, filmmakers have to face some embarrassing moments and today it happened to be the turn of director Srinu Vytla to face the music.

The director today appeared to interact live with fans and regular audience on a popular news channel as part of promotions of his recently released film Aagadu. But what happened there was a nightmare that even he would like to forget soon. Many callers tested his patience with uncomfortable questions and the director was visibly unhappy answering them. In fact the anchor of the show had to cut the questions in the middle citing various technical reasons and continue the conversation with the director. It has been clear from opening day that many weren’t happy with the film but today the director must have realized for sure that even the fans aren’t that happy with what was shown in the film.

Already a lot of mudslinging is going on the director and the production house for their blind favoritism and behavior, involving the hero at the center of it all. Superstar Mahesh Babu has so far never been in any sort of controversy and never attracted any kind of negativity until Dookudu happened, with Aagadu many feel it has gone a step ahead. All these loud activities done by the makers more than promoting the film is doing harm indirectly to the film, feel many of the fans of the star. There is also a theory going on that it is because of this loudness and the past experience Mahesh Babu, who generally promotes even his under-performing films, has kept himself away from the post release promotional activities of the film so far.

Even during the pre-release press meets the star had to face some irksome questions due to the teasers cut by the directors and makers of the film. In hindsight Mahesh Babu has clearly escaped from such uncomfortable position and let the makers handle it. Do you think the makers deserved all this bashing for what they have done with Aagadu or do this it’s an overreaction meted to them due the craziness of their publicity? Share us your thoughts below.