Mahesh Babu Did It, It's Other Heroes Turn to FollowHe did it. When we came to know that Mahesh Babu had personally invited NTR to the pre-release event of ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’, we could clearly guess that he wants fans to take a note of the friendliness between the heroes in the film industry.

He proved the same point when he delivered the much-needed message to all the fans of the star heroes. He clearly said all of them (Telugu film heroes) are one and they don’t have any problem with each other while the fans keep fighting and abusing each other’s fans and favourite heroes. Fans need to change.

He did his part and we hope that other star heroes also take the responsibility and start talking about maintaining a positive attitude instead of throwing filthy abuses on each other. These days, the abuse on the social media platforms has crossed the limits and it has become literally intolerable.