Mahesh Babu's Daughter SitaraTurns Sweeping into Fun TimeSitara Ghattamaneni, Mahesh Babu’s adorable daughter is quite popular on social media and maintains her personal Instagram account and YouTube channel. The Ghattamaneni girl shared a video of herself helping her mother.

Pretty Sitara was seen sweeping the floor very slowly to see that she is removing all the dirt on the floor. Actually, the star kid feels that cleaning the house and helping out her ‘Amma’ is great fun.

It’s good to see how a superstar’s daughter is being brought up in this manner to stay grounded. Teaching familial values and learning to care for each other is important and that’s what Sitara has been learning.

This video is her quarantine story and she wishes others would share their quarantine stories with the promise that she will be back with another video next week. Great going, girl!